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Panama City, Panama Canal &

 Boat-ride Tours



 Tours in Panama Excursions to the Panama Canal boat ride sightseeing Monkey Island and Tropical Rainforest, Fishing, Jungle walks in search wildlife,  Panama history, Embera indian village.

A Family Vacation Adventures to the Tropical Rainforest  on the Panama Canal waters and inland , bird watching and more.

An oasis in the middle of the former Panama Canal Zone.

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  - to the wildlife in the Tropical Rainforest  -




Monkey Island Panama Canal

Jungle Boat TourPanama bird guide

A jungle boat ride to The Monkey Islands  on the Gatun Lake along  canal waters - Panama Canal - close to  cruiseships, big containers and cargo ships  in search of wildlife - monkeys (white face-hawlers-Titis), toucans, sloth´s, aligators, hawks and more. Monkey Island   from 77 usd


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Embera Indian Village  Community 

Chagres River Boat Tour

Panama bird guide


Embera Indian Woman = Embera tribe village communityExperience at first hand in their original village the Embera India Community  cultural with the  - their language, music, dance, natural medicine plants,  and their original handicrafts from nature resources   from 77usd


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Fishing Freshwater in Gatun LakePanama bird guide

Panama Canal watersPeacock Bass (Sargento) = fresh water FISHING Panama Canal, Gatun Lake

For the Fisherman, the tour will be around the islands and inlets of the Gatun Lake in canal waters.      The ferocious  Peacock Bass is the target.  Price from 135usd

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Bird-Watching by Boat

At  Chagres River Panama CanalPanama bird guide

  The best scenario for a unique experience in birdwatching is the Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal and the Chagres River next to  Red Lored Amazon = ParrotGamboa middle valley.  Search for the Cocoi and Rufescent Tiger Heron, Striated and Green Heron, Snail Kite, Great and Common Black Hawks, Wattle Jacana and others.  Check tour bird list.   Price from 97usd

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Panama Canal Transit TourCargo Ship crossing Gatun Lake waters, Panama Canal

  Partial Transit Canal    Panama bird guide
CompleteTransit Canal Panama bird guide

During the  transit tour on the Panama Canal you will learn about the history past present and future of the Panama Canal.  Starting with the Spanish Colonial era -XIV century -, its construction early 1900 - and the actual status: the construction and inauguration of the new 3rd set of locks finished and operational in june 2016.

  cruiseship entering Miraflorez lockMiraflorez locksThe Pacific Queen

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SINGLE TOURS          








    Go along the pleasant waters of the Chagres River and Gatun Lake visiting the  on a natural tropical rain forest environ, protected by the Soberania National Park and the "canal zone" administration. 


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Boating to the Wildlife in the Tropical Rainforest along the Panama Canal in a Jungle Boat Tour to Monkey Island, to the Emberas Indian Village and  combo tours on  pleasant boat rides in


Transportation service provider to individuals and groups. Airport transfers. Local bilingual guiding to local birds.Birding by Boat Tour Gatun Lake and Chagres River boat ride tours to isla mono, fishing, ecotours, embera indians

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Jacana Jungle Boating expedition canal tours


La Jacana - Mobile® for petit tours

Pontoon boat LA JACANA.  Panama Jacana Tours

what to do while in Panama!



What to do in Panama during vacations or during your free time...






In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

1. Fishing Peacock Bass in Lake GatunPanama bird guide


2. Bird Watching & Boat BirdingPanama bird guide


3. Monkey Island visitPanama bird guide


4. The Lost World:Embera Indian CulturePanama bird guide


5. Nature Photographers

 6. Transit de Panama Canal

 9. Exploring the Panama Canal Islands

10Jungle walks at Soberania National Park

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1.  Panama City & Canal de Panama Tour   

2.  Folklore and Cultural Shows                     

3.  An encounter with our History                 

4.  Day Trip to the Jungle                              

5.  Day Trips to the Beach                              

6.  Day Trips to the mountain



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things to do while in Panama

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