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---- Cosas que hacer y ver ----

  City Tour - Canal de Panamá - Naturaleza - Turismo - Historia - Folclore - Museos - Embera Indians- Trekking - Pesca - Birding - Jungle


---- ---- Transferencias
Puerta a Puerta: Traslados Aeropuerto Privado
Puerta a Puerta: traslados privados dentro de la Ciudad de Panamá y al país.



La selva y paseos en barco
a la selva de la zona del Canal de Panamá y el río Chagres ricos!
Aspectos destacados a fuera de las excursiones en barco de lo común!


  •  Anything is possible!... observe and admire the tropics wildlife -  monkeys  (monkey island tour), toucans, iguanas, sloth’s, crocodile, jacanas...!  "

  • Visit Indians  in the jungle...  visit the Embera community and learn their way of life: culture, dialect, dances, handcraft, medicinal plants and more!

  • Without  limits... go birding,  go fishing!  

  • Only by boat!... reach trails mapped out in the fifteenth century and during the  World War II ... " accessible only by boat!"

  • Be in the Panama Canal waters... on a Full or Partial transit close and almost touching   enormous ships  transiting the waterway and learn the history at first hand while admiring the rain forest!

  • Discover the meaning of Silence... by drifting the biggest tributary jungle river of the Panama Canal, admiring fauna and counting the many shades of green offered by nature without noise !"Enjoy comfortable low budget private tours Panama City tours and  daily boat ride with family and friends.

"Let us enrich your visit to Panama...join our panama tours!"


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