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Gatun Lake and Chagres River boat ride tours to isla mono, fishing, ecotours, embera indians

Panama City, Panama Canal &                    Spanish flagespañol

Panama Jungle Boat Expeditions



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Jungle Boating

     This smaller and more intimate pleasure pontoon boat, provides opportunity for you to get closer to  shore - an ideal way to experience wildlife-.  Enjoy the slower pace and gentle motion along the panama canal river and its tributaries. This view of the Panama Canal is like no other. Alligators, iguanas, butterflies, exotic birds and more can occasionally be spotted along the banks.  Check for availability.

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    Jacana Jungle Boating expedition canal tours


    La Jacana - Mobile® for petit tours

    Pontoon boat LA JACANA.  Panama Jacana Tours

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    What to do in Panama during vacations or during your free time...




    In order of preference this are the outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

    1. Fishing Peacock Bass in Lake Gatun

    2. Bird Watching & Boat Birding

    3. Monkey Island visit

    4. The Lost World:Embera Indian Culture  

                                                                             5. Nature Photograpy

    6. Transit de Panama Canal

    10Jungle walks at Soberania National Park


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    1.  Panama City & Canal de Panama Tour    2.  Folklore and Cultural Shows                      3.  An encounter with our History                  4.  Day Trip to the Jungle                               5.  Day Trips to the Beach                               6.  Day Trips to the mountain

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    things to do while in Panama


    Jungle Boat        expedition tours & rates...

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