Gira a la selva Tropical en el Canal de Panama
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 Paseos en barco a la fauna de la selva tropical a lo largo del Tropicales del Canal de Panamá en un barco del viaje de la selva a Monkey Island, a la emberas Indian Village y excursión combinada con paseos agradables  en busca de más aventuras ..


  Paseo en barco por la selva del Canal de Panamá en  un  Jungle Boat Tour  en busca de Vida Silvestre Selva Tropical

  "un oasis en medio de la Zona del Canal/ Canal Zone"


Giras  a la selva Tropical en el Canal de Panama   Isla Mono -Indios Embera- Vida Silvestre

  Viaje viaje en barco a la selva tropical a través de las aguas del Lago Gatún, junto con sus islas y calas, y en aguas del Canal de Panamá acercandonos  a los grandes buques de carga y de cruceros a lo largo de la ruta zona del canal. Podrá admirar el White Face Cappuchine = Monkey Islandbosque tropical natural y sus habitantes - monos, tucanes, sloth's, cocodrilos, halcones y más.


  Go along the pleasant Red Lored Amazon = Parrotwaters of the Chagres River and Gatun Lake visiting the Monkey Island on a natural tropical rain forest environ, protected by the Soberania National Park and the "canal zone" administration. Cargo Ship crossing Gatun Lake waters, Panama Canal

   Learn about the Panama Canal history.  Starting with the Spanish Colonial era (XIV century), its construction days (early 1900) and the actual situation ( the construction of the 3rd set of locks).

   Embera Indian Woman = Embera tribe village community Live the Embera Indian cultural experiences with the  community - their language, music, dance, natural medicine plants,  and their original handicrafts from nature resources.

   For Birding, the scenario for this unique experience are the Gatun Lake in Panama Garzas: Gray-blue Herons, White-snow Egret, Little-blue HeronCanal waters,  and the Chagres River in Gamboa middle valley.  Search for the Cocoi Heron, Striated Green Heron, Snail Kite, Wattle Jacana and many others birds that can materialize in front of the  "Boat - Mobile" any time during the tour.  Check tour bird list.

   Peacock Bass (Sargento) = fresh water FISHING Panama Canal, Gatun Lake  And for the Fisherman, the tour will be around the islands and inlets of the Gatun Lake in Panama Canal waters.  The ferocious  Peacock Bass  is the target. 

   Our boat is a custom built 18 - foot Pontoon Boat with an additional electric motor for silent  trolling and for quietly moving between close  hotspots or drifting along the river listening to the sounds of the jungle.


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what to do while in Panama!


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Outdoor activities that interests the most adventure traveler when visiting Panama: 

1. Fishing Peacock Bass in Lake Gatun 
2. Bird Watching & Boat Birding
3. Monkey Island visit
4. The Lost World:Embera Indian Culture                                                             5. Nature Photographers            
6. Transit de Panama Canal
7. Hiking La Cruce's xv century Trail
8. Jungle river challenge 
9. Exploring the Panama Canal Islands
10Jungle walks at Soberania National Park

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1.  Panama City & Canal de Panama Tour    2.  Folklore and Cultural Shows                      3.  An encounter with our History                  4.  Day Trip to the Jungle                               5.  Day Trips to the Beach                               6.  Day Trips to the mountain

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things to do while in Panama


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